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Journey to the state-of-the-art arcade featuring a fantastic variety of thrilling games for players of all skill levels to enjoy. Power up your Power Card to play the arcade games. No need to keep up with coins! Simply swipe your card to play the games and get in the action.


Power Cards are used for all areas of Laser World, including the Arcade, Laser Tag, Elements Cafe, and 4D Theatre.

Play more when you buy more!

$20 = 24 credits

$30 = 38 credits

$40 = 50 credits

$50 = 65 credits

$100 = 140 credits

$200 = 300 credits

Tickets won are credited to your Power Card and can be redeemed for prizes.

Parents, did you know you can allocate how your child spends money on the Power Cards?

For those 15 and up, tell the cashier how you’d like to see the credits used to ensure your child has enough to enjoy their favorites: play laser tag, enjoy the 4D theater, play games in the arcade and enjoy yummy snacks from the Elements Cafe!

*The laser tag and 4-D allocation will ensure that the credits for these two particular areas are not spent in the arcade or cafe.



Come experience the only 4-D movie experience in the Crossroads!  Get ready for a sensory thrill ride! 

Click here for more information.



Elements Cafe offers chef-created pizza and a wide variety of snack and drink options.  

Click here for more information.

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310 East Larkspur • Victoria, TX(361) 578-3005

Office opens at noon, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and closed on Wednesday